Toyota 86 AR – Made To Thrill


Launch the new Toyota 86 to a young adventure seeking market that hadn’t seen or heard of a fun, sporty drive from Toyota since the demise of the Supra and Celica.


Everything about the Toyota 86 screams of enjoyment – the look, the feel and the experience. The focus from the outset was that the consumer should not only understand this enjoyment, but they should be made to feel it too.

Strategy / Relevance:

We really wanted the consumer to experience the Toyota 86 for themselves, so we developed a poster that really was ‘Made To Thrill’. Using traditional media (a poster) fused with modern technology (augmented reality on a mobile/tablet device) we were able to put the 86 directly in their hands. Whenever someone saw our ‘Made To Thrill’ poster they could activate our Toyota 86 AR app on their mobile or tablet device and a take virtual test-drive of Toyota 86 in the environment they were in. They could also print the poster for themselves and use it in their homes or outdoors. All they had to do was print a poster as big as their imagination. The bigger the poster, the bigger the car, the bigger the experience.


600,000+ downloads of Toyota 86 AR on mobile and tablet devices

210,000+ combined ‘Made To Thrill’ YouTube views

Official launch for journalists:


Shopping mall roadshow & activations in bars/cafe’s:


Online user-generated content:


Large scale outdoor stunts:


Case Study Video:

Instructions on how to download the Toyota 86 AR app, print the marker and how to play can be found here.